SANINDUS Industrial pipes

SANINDUS bvba is a reliable company and has been known since 1995 as a full service piping company for the design, construction, distribution and installation of piping systems.

SANINDUS specialises in industrial pipes in stainless steel (304, 316, duplex), plastic (PVC, HDPE, PP, PVDF, etc.) and steel. We also provide all the ancillary support. We are your perfect partner for piping design, pipe fitting, the manufacturing and assembly of industrial pipes for contractors and the industry, as well as for communes and administrations in the framework of public piping works.
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Our activities:

  • Design: On the basis of the customer's wishes, specifications or ideas, we design customized piping projects and constructions, ranging from simple pieces to complex installations. We help you think, give advice, design and calculate your installation. In addition, we also take care of the necessary CAD-design.
  • Prefabrication: Thanks to our extensive range of machinery we prefabricate an extensive range of piping constructions, from simple pipes and conduits to complex installations and skids.
  • Installation: Our motivated installation teams use their knowledge and experience to complete a project according to the rules of good workmanship. Our employees have the use of fully equipped company cars with the latest tools and instruments, a crane truck, lift trucks, etc.
  • Testing: If required, we carry out pressure tests under our own or external control. We also provide assistance to external non-destructive testing (X-ray, etc.)
  • Quality: Throughout the years we have gathered an enormous amount of knowledge and experience which we use on a daily basis to finish our projects in a qualitative manner.
  • SHE: Sanindus is VCA** certified. All our employees have a VCA basic safety/managerial diploma. In addition, they regularly receive further training for specific skills such as lift truck driver, hoist vehicle operator, travelling platform operator, flange fitter, etc.

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