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Sanindus can provide two types of support:
1. Support for piping works and appliances
2. Customer support.

Support for piping works and appliances:

Sanindus fabricates and installs all types of support constructions in stainless steel, galvanised steel and plastic for pipes and appliances. This goes from simple clamps to complex supporting structures.

Customer support:

  • Advice: Sanindus can be used as supporting partner for (start-up) piping projects. We help you think. Thanks to our many years of experience we can help you look for solutions to your piping problems.
  • Design (routing and detailing): We can start a piping project from detailed drawings, but also from a flow chart and/or your description. On this basis we will work out the piping project for you and supply and install all the materials. 
  • Assistance: Apart from piping, Sanindus also installs external constructions and appliances (pumps, valves, tanks). These additional appliances can also be supplied by us so that you can entrust us with the entire project.
  • Engineering: We take care of the engineering of your piping systems. We will design the installation according to your specifications. We will calculate the diameters of the pipes, determine the components and take care of the execution details.
  • CAD-design: Upon request we can also take care of the execution and design drawings of the piping system and/or any additional constructions.
  • Testing: If required, we carry out pressure tests under our own or external control. We also provide assistance to external non-destructive testing (X-ray, etc.)
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